Case Studies


Marubeni-Itouchu Steel Canada

Paddock ships steel to Toyota in Mexico

Marubeni-Itochu Steel Canada is a worldwide metals solutions provider with a commitment to innovation and sustainability and customers in the automotive, construction, appliance, food, medical and aerospace industries (among others). The company is also a Paddock customer. In 2010, they had a shipment of steel coils in the Paddock warehouse that needed to get to Mexico—rápidamente.


Marubeni-Itochu needed a transportation company with a robust logistics capability to ensure their steel could cross two borders as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


Paddock’s logistics arm worked out all the details for shipment by rail—the customer’s first choice. But when it became clear that rail would push final delivery back by weeks, Paddock went back to the drawing board and quickly worked out the complex transfers necessary to take the steel by truck.


Paddock arranged the temporary import bond required to bring the steel across the border into the U.S.; coordinated the cross-docking in Laredo, Texas, and worked with Marubeni-Itochu to complete the customs paperwork needed for the final importation into Mexico. When the rubber hit the road, Paddock’s driver was well-prepared for the journey, including the importance of cancelling the temporary import bond once the load was cross-docked. Paddock obtained proof of delivery and passed it onto the customer—another successful job completed.


Building on Success

Customers are benefiting from the relationships Paddock has established with reliable U.S. carriers who can complete the Mexican leg of trans-border shipments. All the complex coordination, checking and double-checking is done by Paddock, leaving our customers free to focus on their core business.

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